Hard work and fearless determination are the values I bring to my work and on Thornton City Council every day I have served. I have spent my life taking on “the man” and fighting for working people, because that’s who I am. You can count on me to continue my commitment of service and fighting for people like us if you elect me to another term on Thornton City Council.

We have more work to do in protecting one of our most precious resources – open spaces. We must fight to ensure that our open spaces are protected and that everyone has access to them.

South Thornton must be a place where people have the freedom to succeed by making fair wages in their line of work — to support and care for themselves and their families.

We need safe, clean, and reliable transit options throughout South Thornton – options that allow members of our community to get to local businesses and their places of work – whether that’s in another part of Thornton, or elsewhere in the metro region.

Together, we can continue our fight to make South Thornton a place where everyone has the opportunity to live in a thriving neighborhood where we take care of each other.

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Jacque Phillips